Tuesday, February 28, 2012

16 Numbers that Matter to Your Business

  1. Total number of customers successfully served
  2. Total number of customers with unresolved issues
  3. Ratio customer served to customers with unresolved issues.
  4. Employee satisfaction level
  5. Daily deposits (including comparison with previous time periods and projections)
  6. Daily withdrawals (hopefully significantly less than daily deposits)
  7. Customer service issues resolved (include comparison with unresolved issues)
  8. New customers
  9. Lost customers (hopefully less than new customers)
  10. Platinum customers
  11. Hit & Run Customers
  12. Email subscribers that actually open and click links
  13. Mobile subscribers that respond to text messages
  14. All cost metrics including acquisition, retention, and fulfillment
  15. Social media fans and followers that respond to promotions
  16. Employee turnover

Article posted by Debra Ellis on SocialMediaToday.