Thursday, October 14, 2010

Persuasion Tactics of Effective Salespeople

The three fundamental principles, drawn from sales linguistics, can help us be more persuasive salespeople: every customer speaks in his or her own unique language, successful salespeople build rapport through harmonious communication, and, finally, that people are persuaded based on personal connections. Let's look at each of these imperatives in turn:

1. Understand that customers speak unique languages
The language two people use to describe the same situation — or the way two people interpret the same language — may be very different.

2. Build rapport through harmonious communication
Unfortunately, when most salespeople meet with prospective customers, they talk in only their own language and only about themselves. When Heavy Hitter salespeople meet with customers, they talk about them, them, them: their problems, their values, and their plans and desires.

3. Persuade people through personal connections
The most product-knowledgeable salesperson is not necessarily the most persuasive one because it takes more than logic and reason to change buyers' opinions. A personal connection must be forged.

You can read more at Harvard Business Review.