Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Find Out What Your Target Market Wants

1. Hang out where they hang out—and then listen and ask questions.

This could be in local community or networking groups, in online forums or on message boards, or in social media or on blogs.

2. Ask via your newsletter.

The best newsletters are those that allow you to engage with your readers or subscribers, so if you include a personal note section, consider using that to ask what they would most like help with. Then tell them to just hit reply and let you know.

3. Make it part of your autoresponder.

If you are offering a freebie on your website that’s delivered via an email autoresponder (such as a free report or free e-course), you can add an additional message to it. Since the recipients are going to be new members of your community, you can simply tell them that in order to serve them better, you’d love to get their input on how you can best help them.

4. Set up a survey.

This is simple to do with free tools like Survey Monkey or Google Docs, and it doesn’t have to be in-depth or complicated. Simply email your list with a link to the survey, and keep it to 1-5 questions.

You can read the full article at Communicate Value.