Friday, June 11, 2010

Results Of Call Reluctance In Sales


According to a study by Behavioral Sciences Research Press, the frightening fact is that “call reluctance” in sales can contribute to a significant proportion of lost sales revenues.

The study found that 40% of established salespeople experienced periods of call reluctance severe enough to threaten their livelihood in sales.

The same study showed that the average call-reluctant salesperson loses more than 15 potential accounts each month to competitors.

Stemming the ever-increasing costs of call-reluctance cannot be addressed by training alone. It requires working with each salesperson’s particular set of beliefs so that they feel truly empowered to breakthrough their self-created mental barriers.

One particular statistic in the following survey should give any salesperson suffering from “call reluctance” renewed confidence

How Customers Regard Salespeople Survey:

  • Salespeople who do not bother to make appointments. 45%
  • Salespeople who know nothing about the customer’s business 60%
  • Salespeople who know little about their products and services 60%
  • Salespeople who call too often. 39%
  • Salespeople who don’t call often enough. 49%
  • Salespeople who do not have the authority to negotiate prices. 45%
  • Salespeople who do not ask for the order. 40%
  • Salespeople who are not properly or sufficiently organized. 55%

Most desirable quality customers want to see in salespeople?

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Source: All Business.