Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 Brand Building Tips For Your B2B Blog

7 Tips to Get You Started:

1. Focus on the Problem
Quickly show how your brand is relevant to your blog reader.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Competition
Understand that your blog readers KNOW that your not the only game in town.

3. Make it Easy to Ask and Answer Questions
Work hard to encourage comments and questions.

4. Use Social Proof
Simply: people feel better doing something if they see others doing it also.

5. Let Your Brand Relax
Use your blog to show the “personable” side of your Brand.

6. Deliver Content in Yummy Formats
Repackaging your whitepapers into illustrated, free-to-download eBooks will pump up their viral power.

7. Look Outside Your Box
Talk about your employees, your community, and current events. Better yet, do a weekly wrap-up of news around your industry.

You can read the full article at Social Media Today.