Monday, March 15, 2010

E-Mail Or Direct Mail

5 Reason for E-Mail:

1. It's quicker. An email campaign can be created and produced in half the time that a direct mail campaign requires.
2. It's cheaper. No printing and no postage mean that email campaigns often cost 50 percent less than print.
3. You get results faster. Most email campaigns generate 80% of their results within 48 hours.
4. It's easier and less expensive to test. A direct mail test typically means multiple print versions, which drives up costs. Testing with email can be just as complicated, but overall, email is a much more flexible medium.
5. The viral effect. Emails get copied and forwarded more readily than does a direct mail campaign.

5 Reason for Direct Mail:
1. A larger universe. The number of quality, well-managed, opt-in email lists is dwarfed by the number of direct mail lists.
2. Better lists. The direct mail industry has been around for decades, so there's a certain consistency in the way that lists are compiled and maintained. The quality of email lists varies widely. Direct mail lists also generally offer more select criteria, allowing you to target your audience more precisely.
3. Your audience may not be online, or not online that frequently. Generally, the more technical your target audience, the easier it is to reach them using email.
4. Direct mail enables you to deliver a high volume of information in a more reader-friendly format. Just look at the number of mail-order catalogs from online vendors.
5. Direct mail is less intrusive. Sure, people get annoyed by junk mail, but it doesn't interrupt the reader, nor does it force an immediate decision on whether to read it.

Source: The High-Tech Direct Marketing Book (