Monday, January 11, 2010

A Handshake

A handshake is part of a first impression. You get one shot. No do over’s on this one - if you creepily go in for the other guy's hand again, you may inspire alarm. The handshake is a chance for you to connect with someone the moment of your very first encounter. Use this to your advantage. A handshake can at once be warm and friendly, which sets a great tone for the rest of your meeting.

1. Find a happy medium
Don't be too firm, nor too floaty.

2. Don't sweat it
A handshake should be over when it ends, not stick around with your sweat.

3. Calm with the palm
A solid handshake should last for about two to three shakes.

4. Eye contact
Eyes meet with the eyes, and hand meets with the hand. Looking a person in the eye exudes confidence and is much more respectful. Avoid looking down at the other person's hand while you go in for the shake - it comes off as insecure.

5. Say hello
A handshake is a greeting, so greet the person with a friendly, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." Top off the routine with a nice smile.

6. Show initiative
When you walk up to meet with an interviewer, extend your hand first. This shows that you are poised and ready to take action.

7. Seal the deal
A departing handshake reaffirms the kinship that you established with the other person, and serves as a final signing off.

Source article: Doostang.
Source picture: Newsweek.