Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get To Know Your Customer

At your first customer meeting, don't do a "show up and throw up" (see previous post), but get to know the person you are talking to:

1. What is her/his role at the company?
2. What is her/his decision power?
3. What are her/his goals for the current (and next) fiscal year?
4. What is her/his dream for the company?
5. How did she/he get into that chair (previous jobs)?
6. What are her/his hobbies?
7. What does his family life look like?

Showing some genuine interest in your customer will help you build a more personal relationship. And, let's not forget, doing business is still a process of 2 people agreeing with each others terms and conditions.

Of course, you need to understand the following as well:
1. Does the customer have a business initiative?
1. a. What is the customer's business initiative?
1. b. Does the customer have budget?
1. c. What is the reason to change?

2. Can we compete for this opportunity?
2. a. Is our solution viable?
2. b. Do we have the resources to complete the opportunity?
2. c. What is our value proposition?

3. Can we expect to win this opportunity?
3. a. Can we impact the customer's decision process?
3. b. Do we have executive credibility and support?
3. c. Are we aligned with relevant executives?

Don't forget to align you sales process to the customer's buying process.

Image: Second Chance Office Support.

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