Monday, November 16, 2009

The Five Principles of Mars

1. Quality

The consumer is our boss, quality is our work and value for money is our goal.
Mars began to prosper in the depths of a depression, has met strong competition and has grown to its present size all as the result of billions of purchases made each year. These purchases are often among the smallest a consumer makes yet they have financed our growth around the world. Why has this happened? How are we to continue this success?

2. Responsibility
As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as associates, we support the responsibilities of others.
We choose to be different from those corporations where many levels of management dilute personal responsibility. All associates are asked to take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgement and to make decisions as required. By recruiting ethical people well suited to their jobs and trusting them, we ask associates to be accountable for their own high standards.

3. Mutuality
A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.
We believe that the standard by which our business relationships should be measured is the degree to which mutual benefits are created. These benefits can take many different forms, and need not be strictly financial in nature. Likewise, while we must try to achieve the most competitive terms, the actions of Mars should never be at the expense, economic or otherwise, of others with whom we work.
Our Mutuality Principle has guided us reliably as we have established successful enterprises in new geographies and cultures. It has enabled us to act as a good corporate citizen, to minimize our impact on the environment and to use the natural resources of our planet wisely and efficiently.

4. Efficiency
We use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best.
How is it possible to maintain our principles, offering superior value for money and sharing our success? Our strength lies in our efficiency, the ability to organize all our assets – physical, financial and human – for maximum productivity. In this way, our products and services are made and delivered with the highest quality, at the least possible cost, with the lowest consumption of resources; similarly, we seek to manage all our business operations with the most efficient processes for decision making.

5. Freedom
We need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free.
Mars is one of the world’s largest privately owned corporations. This private ownership is a deliberate choice. Many other companies began as Mars did, but as they grew larger and required new sources of funds, they sold stocks or incurred restrictive debt to fuel their business. To extend their growth, they exchanged a portion of their freedom. We believe growth and prosperity can be achieved another way.

Source: Mars.