Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wii Cyberbike: Roadtrip To Nowhere

I guess the whole point of the Nintendo Wii is to get you off your ass. This latest Wii accessory/game keeps you on your butt, but you still get to move. Sort of. It's the Cyberbike from Bigben Interactive, a European game accessory company. The Cyberbike is a full-size stationary bike - from its looks, not really Gold's Gym quality, but rather lightweight home basement quality. Pedal all you want, and you'll always wind up where you started — talk about an exercise in futility.

By pedaling, you get a workout. Two thumbs up for that. But since that's insanely boring, the Cyberbike lets you save the planet. The bundled game takes you through imaginary scenes where you mop up pollution. When the planet is all rainbows and sparkles again, you can also plug the bike into Mario Kart Wii.

If the Cyberbike came attached to an electric generator, so you can use pedal power to charge your electric toothbrush or something, I'd be more impressed. Even better, I'd give my Cyberbike to Lance Armstrong, and let him power Connecticut.

The Cyberbike will be available in Europe in January '10. Pricing not announced, but it's probably more expensive than an actual bicycle.

Source: Dvice.