Friday, October 16, 2009

Lead Generation By Phone

  1. Don't read
    If you get a prospect on the phone, don't read your script, speak naturally.
  2. Choose your words carefully
    Never mention words like "promotion" or "campaign" or "offer" ... any of those STOP words for prospects to hang up.
  3. Be humble
    If you are collecting information, call to the base of the organization and ask for help, these people are open for it if you make them feel important.
    If you are setting up an appointment or generating a leads, call the middle management and make sure your message fits.
  4. Don't accept NO for an answer
    Be prepared for a NO, you will be able to categorize 80% in 5 standard answers:
    - Not interested;
    - Happy with current supplier;
    - No budget;
    - No time;
    - Send met documentation;
    Try to be as respectful as possible for their calendar.
  5. Close
    Always try to close with a closed question for a next action.
One last remark: speak clearly, use a good headset, don't forget communication is all about: TO UNDERSTAND & BE UNDERSTOOD.