Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Engage (With) Your Customers

  1. Make use of your (and your colleagues) social networks, there is plenty of data available. Use tool like Google Open Social to enrich your CRM data with information available on your social networks.
  2. Allow customers/prospects to generate new ideas.
    Dell's IdeaStorm was a great success, people feel more involved.
  3. Allow customers/prospects to rate products/you.
    Customer rating will increase the credibility of the products/your company to the outside world, see the success of AMAZON.COM.
  4. Offer buying guides, or usage models to facilitate the choice.
    Make it easy to choose the right product/service for your (potential) customers.
  5. Add value to the purchase (don't rebate) by giving your customers something extra.
    Why not add a DVD with food and training advice/scheme's when you buy a mountain bike or racing bike or how to wash and iron your designer cloths.