Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Capmar S.L. And IED Barcelona Present The First Solar Bus Stop In Spain

The Solar bus stop is an example of the sustainable design, quality and energy conservation.
The installation cost are reduced from € 15.000,- to € 3.000,-.
The Entitat Metropolitana de Tranport (EMT) installs 100 bus stops in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.
Designers: Gerard Lorente, Rubén Oya, Erik Simons y Jaciel Reyes

Press release
Barcelona October 6 of 2009. The Istituto Europeo di Design of Barcelona and Capmar S.L., along with the EMT, had presented in Barcelona the Solar Bus Stop.
This is the first solar bus stop in the Spanish territory, that is totally self-sufficient, that use only its own energy resources and doesn’t need wiring, and thanks to a functional, innovative, and light design, has the maximum benefits, optimizing the use of the materials, resources and space.
The Solar Bus stop (SBS) is a sustainable and innovative system of informational boards, of the public transportations that functions integrally with solar energy. The SBS increase the quality of the service, since the user, upon arriving at the stop, will be punctually informed, of the time of arrival of the buses of the different lines, until six. The information is updating every 30 seconds and also offers other information’s of interest for the user.

Design Management as innovative strategy
Capmar, specialized company in the production of urban furniture, has been working for a long time in the creation of a solar bus stop, and in this process they concluded the importance of incorporating the design, as an indispensable element for the development of a product in all its phases, and decided to contact at the beginning of 2009 with the department of I+ED (Investigation + Education) of IED Barcelona.
The solar bus stop has been developed under the direction of the Investigation + Education (I+ ED) department, through the responsible Horge perez and a group of 4 student of the three year courses of Product and transportation designed ofIED Barcelona. This team along with Capmar, developed the briefing of the project. In the process of the creation, a key factor has been the union between the PYME and the university world (project management) of the Istituto Europeo di Design and the advice and support of the Entitat Metropolitana del Transport (EMT), transmitting the knowledge and experience of the consumer, such as there specific needs.

The Solar Bus Stop, the new icon in the urban furniture
The design is based on a structure of two tubular column of iron of a square section of 8x8cm, with a height of 3,5m and 67 cm wide. In the superior part it has a photovoltanic panel of 67x72cm. The system consumes only 72 watts a day with autonomy of 2 day and a half, in case of not obtaining any solar radiation. The SBS have also a panel with the information of the bus lines, a digital screen that indicates the time of arrival that updates every 30 seconds, a panel with statics information and a button of nocturnal light.
Its intelligent and sustainable design, devised under the concept “for Design all” allows to incorporate the extra services, like the second informative screen on the routes, and incidences or local publicity, and accessories like nocturnal illumination, a seat and a magazine rack, etc.
The SBS is also a modular installation, of easy setting, since it does not need to be connected to an electric network, because it obtains the energy from the solar panel. The installation is set up through an anchorage of six screws, because of that you can easily relocate.
It is a light, innovative and functional design that has the maximum benefits, optimizing the use of the materials, resources and space. The contemporary stylized lines turn the new solar bus stop in a identificated element of the Barcelona metropolitan.
The Entitat Metropolitana del Transport (EMT) has predicted to establish, during 2009, 100 solar bus stop in the 18 suburbs integrated to the EM.

About IED Barcelona
The Istituto Europeo di Design of Barcelona operates in the education and investigation field in the disciplines of the Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication. The school belongs to an international network with campuses in Italy, Spain and Brazil, that bets for the practical and didactic initiative related to the business reality through the culture of the project and of its department of I+ED (Investigation + Education).

About Capmar
CAPMAR, S.L. is a company consolidated of a second generation with many years of experience and a solid base, but projecting towards the future in offering the best product, design, production and services in locksmith, carpentry, and urban furniture.