Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Robotic Taxi

With technology advancing at the pace it is today, we’ve to believe that by the end of the century we won’t be driving our cars around the city. Rather, we will just be sitting on the then historic driver’s seat and doing some work. While the concept looks futuristic, industrial designer Kubik Petr believes that nothing seems impossible with modern technology at hand.
Known as the Robot Taxi, the car has been designed for gigantic cities to transport a maximum of two passengers with ordinary hand-held baggage. The taxi is composed of two main parts – an undercarriage and a cabin. The car is driven by two electric motors which are integrated into the rear wheels.
To ensure maximum mileage, the car will be built from lightweight materials. Kubik believes that the car can do 90kmh and can operate for 20 hours without a recharge. Whenever a person needs a ride, he/she will have to call the Robo Taxi operator who will then scan the system for the nearest taxi, which is then ordered to reach your location. The user can this set his/her destination by using the touch panel, which the taxi would be equipped with.

Designer: Kubik Petr
Source: EcoFriend.
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