Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Modular Train

Diveria, an innovative modular train concept, will surely lift up the image of the amazing passenger train lineup that is currently operational all over the world. Diveria features variably exchangeable passenger modules and a transparent appearance characterized by a hexagonal structure. The design has shown the compartments in a new panoramic approach with economic youth hostel like modules which benefits both the passengers and the in service company. The inside view of this train is not less elegant at any point than a Boeing aircraft with its wide stairs at the both end of the compartments and specious, comfortable and superbly placed seats.

Non-subdivided passenger compartments: length 15 m, 2 floors. 77 multi-functional seats which are fixed on a rail-system to cope with every capacity. Open, wide appearance of the interior with innovative mood light system.

Subdivided passenger compartments: hexagonal arrangement of compartments enhances privacy. Multi-functional seats and stools and barrier-free compartments are optimized for business-travelers and elder persons. Ramps instead of stairs.

Designer : Christian Gumpold
Source: Tuvie - Design of the Future.
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