Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To Make Your Message Stick?

If you want to learn more about the topic, you should read Chip and Dan Heath's book "Made to Stick". Let me give you a brief summary of what is in that book.image

  1. Simplicity
    Can it be expressed in just a few words, and in a language everybody understands?
  2. Unexpectedness
    Surprise your listener/prospect/customer with a message they weren't expecting.
  3. Concreteness
    Is it real or theory?
  4. Credibility
    Will your listeners/prospect/customers believe your story? Do you have a "credible" reference?
  5. Emotion
    Evoke emotions, does it make people care at a gut level?
  6. Stories
    Can it be expressed in a narrative way?

The enemy is the "Curse of Knowledge" - we know our stuff too well, so we fail to communicate clearly to those who know less than we do. We asume too much and don't speak the customers' language anymore, but a jargon, only understood by a few.

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