Friday, May 15, 2009

10 Strategies For The New Sales Professional

All sales teams have a few sales superstar standouts, recognized by everyone in the company as the top producers. These sales champions often are even acknowledged by the competition as a threat to their businesses. Frequently, the men and women on this list are earning the most money, taking trips, and perhaps enjoying a round of golf with clients during the week or other perks of the profession. They are the envy of the rest of the sales organization and the benchmark for new sales professionals as they embark on their careers.
But how did they get there? How do others achieve the same status?

New selling professionals must first understand and embrace the philosophy of hard work. Our sales champions who have higher incomes, win fabulous vacations, and enjoy other rewards bestowed upon them for their efforts have only done so after dedicating themselves to their territory and to their customers.

Individuals new to the sales game must internalize the point that selling is something you do with the customer, not something you do to a customer. New sales professionals need to be proud of what they are doing, who they represent, and the products and services they provide to their customers. Something that is extremely relevant to each and every salesperson, rookie and veteran alike, is that you make more money selling solutions than you do selling products or services.

These 10 strategies can help the new sales professional get to the top:

  1. Master the art of prospecting and qualifying. If you don’t even read the other nine strategies, never stop prospecting and get really good at qualifying.

  2. Commit to learning as much as you can about your company, your products, and your industry. Master the 3 C’s: confidence, confidence, and confidence. Have confidence in yourself, confidence in your product, and confidence in the company you represent. Do this and you can go toe-to-toe with any competitor or buyer.

  3. Reach out to the top-performing salespeople in your company and ask good questions about their successes, failures, and best practices and how they built their business.

  4. Be fearless and adopt the philosophy made famous by author, motivational speaker, and salesperson Zig Ziglar: “Timid salespeople have skinny kids.”

  5. Prepare more than you think you need to before every sales call.

  6. After each call or at the end of each day, review each sales call with your manager, a mentor, or a fellow sales rep. And make sure you review all the good and bad calls with equal objectivity.

  7. Record your presentation and listen to it. Rerecord it and listen again. Do this over and over until you feel good about what you are hearing. Have others listen and provide objective feedback.

  8. Avoid hanging out with sales representatives on your team who have a negative attitude or who may be at risk of not making quota. Misery loves company, and they will try and drag you down, too. Follow the winners, learn from the leaders, and sell with the superstars.

  9. Listen to sales programs in your car or on your iPod. You can learn so much in between calls and on your way to work. Just about every successful salesperson has a vast personal library of books, CDs, and DVDs on sales and selling.

  10. Make it fun. Enjoy the gamesmanship of selling, and always rise above the word no, because a yes is waiting for you at your very next stop.

New sales reps have a distinct advantage because they can only go up in productivity. The question is this, how far will you go in driving your sales career? You are only limited by your own desire to succeed.

Michael Norton is the CEO of CanDoGo, an online, on-demand coaching service with advice from more than 150 top authors and experts.

Source; AllBusiness.
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