Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Social Media Tactics For Small Business

Small businesses have the most to gain by using social media because

  1. They tend to have smaller advertising budgets
  2. The owner tends to be more engaged in the business
  3. Larger companies are moving slowly and have more bureaucracy


With this in mind I can only think the main thing holding small business back is either fear of the unknown or lack of ideas for what to do. Fact is social media need not take up a great deal of resources if you are careful. Here are some social media tactics anyone can do in an hour or less …

  • Do keyword research to find what people are looking for
  • Research Social Bookmarking sites to see what has been popular in the past
  • Browse Q&A sites for good questions that you can answer
  • Find forums where they discuss your subject
Content and Links
  • Blog about the wants, needs and interests that you unearth
  • Guest post and comment on blogs to create connections and links back
  • Use flickr and YouTube and create topic-relevant media and video conversations
  • Create content to promote in social bookmarking sites to get awareness, links and traffic
  • Advertise on Facebook and StumbleUpon
  • Create video responses to YouTube videos
  • Search twitter to find people discussing the subject and also to drive people to your blog
  • Ask and answer questions at LinkedIn
  • Join Facebook groups or start your own
  • Connect up all your Social Media profiles

Source: By Chris Garrett at Invesp Blog.

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