Friday, February 27, 2009

The Crisis Of Credit Visualized

Walls Of Separation


If you want to read more about the walls of separation, you can visit David's post at Logic + Emotion.

Social Media Hierarchy

John Jantsch updated his hierarchy of Social Media.

My feeling is that his pyramid isn't just a Social Media strategy, it is a lot more. Everyone in Sales, Marketing or a People Management function SHOULD make use of this strategy.


Source: Duct Tape Marketing.

Houseboat Colony For Oslo

Designer: Espen E. Erikstad

Source: Yanko Design

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sun Truck







Gabor Magyari, 27, graduated from the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary, in 2007 with a specialization in Industrial and Product Design. After completing his degree, he established “Virtual Design” studio in Budapest with Zsolt Tarnok. As a designer-duo, they cover the globe as 35% of their clients are foreign and this number fortunately is growing. Besides car designing, they are working on home and office interior designs just to keep their minds fresh and updated of the latest trends.

Magyani’s awards include: a special award in the 2005 Audi Design Contest, a finalist in the 2004 and 2005 Hungarian Arts & Crafts Award, first prize in the 2004 L’Argus Design Contest and first prize in the 2004 GAIA Scooter Design Contest. 


SunTruck is a concept of a new generation transatlantic highway cruiser. During the design period, the main goal of the exterrior design was to create a new body, but still represent the king of the road. It had to look friendly and safe. From the view of the driver it’s not a difficult requirement to deal with but from the aspect of other car drivers much more.

The steeply rising wheelfenders and hood makes the whole body very dynamic, like a running wildcat. The narrow air intake foreshadows the alternative power supply. It's a dual suplied electric-drived design. The primary energy source is a high capacity diesel engine which always runs at a constant RPM and generates the electricity for the lithium-polimer cells that are placed in the platform of the truck. The constant running engine needs less cooling and maintance because it’s never overloaded. In a controlled electromagnetic field the radial-levitated wheels are directly driven without any physical friction causing a more efficient and quiet vehiclew, more like common trucks.

The secondary source is the fully suncell-covered semitrailer which also charges the cells or possibly can run all the tools like AC or the navigation system in the cockpit.

The sliding doors represent the new generation of trucks. Truck drivers are spending more time on roads like at home so SunTruck is the ultimate solution for a rollin’ living room. When the driver is taking a break there is no need to keep running the engine for heating/cooling the cockpit or using the kitchen accessories and the TV/internet. All these things will work by the suncells and the great battery farm without making any noise around or inside the truck.

Source: Michelin.

Aventos Vehicle Concept for Mega Cities

Today all the concepts that’s been designed has environment as one of the focal points hence new technologies are innovated keeping in mind the future sustainability likeelectric motors with renewable energy etc. It is this desire that keeps pushing the manufacturers and automotive designers have been researching and designing newer and better cars. The new ‘Aventos’ concept is something that’s been designed on these lines. It is a utility vehicle which has been designed for both small and medium sized businesses in the cities wherein this concept has been used for transporting goods from one destination to another across the city thus, ensuring the cleaner and more organized cities.

aventos car concept for mega cities

aventos car concept for mega cities

Desired outcome
Eliminate or dramatically reduce transportation devices contribution to carbon emission. Be able to cut down vehicle footprint and the number of vehicles operating on the road at any one time. Provide a sound and friendly module transportation system that are used by the public on a daily bases even for people without the Aventos vehicle.

Ease the finance pressure on small and medium sized businesses by providing an adaptive transportation device for their daily needs.

Assist the younger generation in adapting to the neo-nomadic lifestyle because the vehicle can assist in independent moving operations without the need of external assistance. Provide a fresh, young and eco friendly image for medium sized city commercial vehicles to the general public.

aventos car concept for mega cities

aventos car concept for mega cities

aventos car concept for mega cities

aventos car concept for mega cities

Designer : Timothy Choi

Source: Tuvie - Design of the Future.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nimbus Reading Light

Lamp 1

Lamp 2

Lamp 3

Lamp 4

Designer: Donell Hutson

Source: Coroflot.

Cross Wind






Haishan Deng was born in 1975 in Guangzhou, China. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (G.A.F.A.) with bachelor of industrial design in 1998. In 2006, he completed a one semester exchange course in industrial design at Linz University of Art and Design, Austria. Thereafter, in 2007, he received a masters degree of transportation design at G.A.F.A. after a three-year study. In the same year, he completed an internship at F.X.Meiller Company in Munich, Germany.

From 1998 to 2008, he has designed up to 50 products for various companies in different countries including: Pepsi, Holmes, Sanyo, Honeywell, Lasko and De Longhi. He is currently teaching transportation design at G.A.F.A.

Haishan has won several design awards, such as Red Dot design award 2007/2008; German Association of Automobile Industry (V.D.A.) award 2006; Government prize of excellent graduate design student of 2006; First Automobile Design Award China 2005 and Silver prize of Canton design week product design award.

His works have been introduced by design magazines and business publications including Auto & Design, Design Report, I.D., De Ingenieur, Scientific American, McGraw-Hill Construction, Anlegg & Transport. Haishan believes that design is everywhere. He would like to make the design world better.


Like the name states, Crosswind is emphasized by a series of impressive slanting air inlets which break the rule of normal symmetrical appearance. This iconic design is formed by an unambiguous and bold figure expressing the spirit of freedom, self-confidence and braveness which are important values of the American sports car.

To put the car into full American mode does not only rely on appearance. A floating cockpit is installed to bring an exciting feeling. Why is riding on a horse stirring? Because of the feeling of the running action. As a sports car, driving pleasure is important. The cockpit which is supported by hydraulic arms has two modes. In sport mode, the cockpit will move corresponding to turning, accelerating and breaking, which will bring much pleasure by direct feeling of running on the road. When switched to comfort mode, the cockpit will move slightly to eliminate shaking from below. The floor of cockpit is transparent and will make passengers even forget they are in a car by feeling that they are flying on the ground.

The non-inflatable front tire working with the elastic steel hub can reduce vibration and will never go flat. In the rear wheel, a normal suspension system is replaced by the circle in the middle of the car made of high strength and flexible materials.

The car body is designed with a flexible frame structure so it can use up to 80% of plastic, which will significantly reduce the energy for carrying itself but does not diminish the strength of the car. An electric engine will make it more green.

For safety, hydraulic arms can extend the movement of the cockpit when a sudden impact happens. The independent cockpit will give a good protection for passengers.

Source: Michelin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For The Blind Who Don’t Know Braille

You are lucky my friend that you can read this post. Being sight-impaired is not a situation you want to be in. It gets even more complicated if you are blind and can’t even read Braille. Luckily there is some though process being invested in the Braille Interpreter, a single-finger glove that features a tactile sensor, a Bluetooth headphone and interpreting software.
The index finger portion of the glove hosts the said tactile sensor. Skim it over the Braille surface and it sends a feed to the main device housed on the back of the glove. Over here the feeds are interpreted and beamed to the headphone via Bluetooth as voice data.

Skim-Interpret-Hear Voice; nifty enough solution for those who can’t cope with Braille.

Designer: Hyung Jin Lim

Source: Yanko Design.

Skype Preloaded On Nokia Mobile Phones

skype-nokia BARCELONA, February 17, 2009 -- Skype and Nokia today announced a partnership that will bring the world's leading Internet communications experience to the Nokia range of mobile computers. Under the terms of the cooperation, Skype™ will be integrated into Nokia devices, starting with the Nokia Nseries. The Nokia N97 flagship device will be the first to incorporate the Skype experience in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

The Skype experience will be part of the address book of the Nokia N97, enabling presence - seeing when Skype contacts are online - as well as instant messaging. Nokia N97 owners around the world will also be able to use 3G and WLAN to easily make and receive free Skype-to-Skype voice calls, in addition to low-cost Skype calls to landlines and mobile devices.

"Making Skype available everywhere through mobile devices is essential to fulfilling our vision of 'enabling the world's conversations'," said Scott Durchslag, Skype's Chief Operating Officer. "Collaborating closely with Nokia to preload and integrate our software onto their devices will benefit the many Nokia customers who already use Skype, as it makes Skype easily accessible and simple to use on the go. It will also bring Skype new users who love Nokia's Symbian S60 experience."

"With more than 400 million Skype users worldwide, the integration of Skype on Nokia Nseries mobile computers is a significant step in bringing converged Internet experiences from the desktop to the world's most advanced mobile computer," said Jose-Luis Martinez, Vice President, Nokia Nseries.

Source: Skype.

Transforming Multifunctional Wheels On A Futuristic Design Car




Su-Yang Park, 24, was born in Inchon, South Korea. He has been enjoy drawing since he was a child and joined the high school art club to improve his artistic skill. He was in a major of mechatronics from 2003 to 2004 and learned knowledge of engineering. He transferred in 2008 and began the major of industrial art design.

He is interested in the design of transportation vehicles and mechanics and wants to study them more. He has participated in the incorporated project with Kia Motors. He wants to professionally study transportation vehicle design after graduation.

Chang-Hoe Heo, 27, was born in Seoul, South Korea. He was inspired with cars by his father who is running a motor shop business. He studied computer music from 1999 to 2003. He transferred to S.N.U.T (Seoul National University of Technology) and has been studying Mock-Up and ALIAS.

His skill of ALIAS 3D modeling is semi-pro level and he got an award from the car design competition which was held by the Seoul Motor Show. He has participated in the incorporated project with Kia Motors.


We bring up a new American icon in the subject of Brave and Bold. We were inspired by Harley-Davidson, the American motorcycle symbol and Pontiac-Firebird, a muscle car, therefore we designed the body from which is dynamic and progressive.

The entire body has been designed to have the wheels in front of it like motorcycles, so it is totally different from other cars. The wheel design, which is unique and aggressive, maximizes the design of the body. We call the wheels "the Transforming Multifunctional Wheels".

A wheel has 24 spokes and each spoke is made up by a special carbon-fiber which has very strong elastic characteristic. The wheel associates a caterpillar tread of tanks. And each spoke can tilt 15 degrees back and forth to be formed to steer the car without any additional steering equipment. The wheels transform and the body tilts in the same direction when the car changes its direction so you can drive safely and dynamically.

Each spoke is constructed independently so that you do not need to replace whole wheel when the tire is flatted but only spokes which are flattened. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly concept. The body can minimize impact of collision to a driver by its body construction of the arms of the wheels. Due to the advantage of the construction, it can run easily off-road, such as the deserts of the United States of America.

Designers: Su-Yang Park & Chang-Hoe Heo

Source: Michelin.

C-Level Event Invitations: How It's Done

I've worked on promoting many events for C-level executives in my time. So when I was recently called in to help a major company revamp its invitation to a C-level event, it took over an hour and a half for me to analyze the copy and design approach. But it soon became clear why the company had only received nine responses instead of reaching its goal of 100 CEOs.

What went wrong?

First of all, it's nearly impossible to get top-level executives to even open your e-mail. An invitation should be sent via postal mail in such an elegant, personal envelope that an administrative assistant would never think of throwing it away. Or it could be sent via Federal Express.

Once you've sent the invitation by mail, try following up by e-mail, though a telephone call is the better way to go.

However, if you're short on time and budget and your only option is an e-mail invitation, below are some guidelines to follow.

  • Write a personalized letter on an upscale e-mail letterhead template.
  • Make it even more personal by using a sender line of a real person, preferably your CEO. C-levels only speak to other C-levels, so don't send your invitation from a sales rep or your marketing director. If possible, feature a photograph of your CEO in the letter to quickly telegraph that this is a CEO-to-CEO communication.
  • Your subject line must be invitational yet urgent. How do you marry those two objectives? Try something like: "CEO Briefing: Fortune 100 Tactics for the New Economic Reality."
  • To catch the attention of your reader when they open the e-mail, or when they are using the preview pane, create an elegant Johnson Box. This simple box should contain a reason to attend your event such as:
    With the precipitous economic downturn, companies are crashing and burning.
    Learn the survival tactics of those companies best positioned to withstand this unprecedented market upheaval at...
    (Name of event)
    (Date, times)
  • Start the letter with a cordial invitation that shows the collegial C-level nature of the event. For example: "You are cordially invited to join a small gathering of the country's leading chief executive officers..."
  • Quickly telegraph why the CEO should consider this invitation. The benefits to attending must be high-level and strategic; you need to be offering business intelligence at a level unavailable anywhere else. The points to be covered at the event must be written succinctly, but in an intriguing way so the CEO doesn't think, "Oh, I can just do a Google search on this or ask one of my staff to do some research." In other words, make it clear that your company is the expert. You offer a solution not available elsewhere and that it's important for CEOs who want to maintain competitive advantage to embrace your solution ASAP, if not sooner.
  • If your company isn't known as a premier provider in your space, you need to borrow an expert -- a leading business author, scientist, or visionary who can deliver an exciting keynote address on the broader topic. It helps if your expert has written a book and if you offer an autographed copy of it to the first 50 attendees who register. The book should be featured in a sidebar in your letter along with a picture of the author with an authoritative, compelling quote from the book or a testimonial.
  • Keep everything about your e-mail invitation upscale. Don't ask people to click a big red "register" button. Instead, create an elegant envelope icon with a simple "RSVP" call to action. The landing page should be prepopulated with the recipient's contact information: CEOs do not fill out landing pages. Also, offer a personal contact for further inquiries. The CEO should be able to reach a live person by phone.
  • Be sure to cover all the logistical details with exquisite attention. If you're holding the event at a hotel, link to a map that shows the location. The CEO needs to know the traveling time involved -- and if the event is being held at a desirable locale.

Once you succeed in persuading CEOs to accept your invitation, continue working to keep them engaged. Send an immediate acknowledgment with registration details. If it's a free event, plan for a high no-show rate; prevent attrition with periodic, polite e-mail and telephone reminders.

Keep in mind, not everyone has the expertise to write knowledgeably to CEOs. When I started writing for "Fortune," "BusinessWeek," and "The Economist," I had to ascend a steep learning curve to take my casual writing style to the next level. Fortunately, I had very able teachers, experienced communicators who taught me their own corporate writing style.

The very best piece of advice I can give you is this: Don't put your junior writers in charge of writing to senior executives. You must write at the same level of your readers. With a CEO audience, call in an expert copywriter or communications specialist and be prepared to pay a writing fee commensurate with that experience.

Remember, this isn't about dashing off an e-mail. It's about forging a relationship with a CEO who has the ultimate authority to approve your contracts. Need I say more?

Source: By Karen Gedney, ClickZ.

Solar Charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

sonic design solar charger

Designer : Sonic Design

Source: Tuvie - Design of the Future.