Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just for the sake of the statement, I am going to repeat what a million people said before me: your brand is NOT your logo, it is how people perceive you, what you mean to them.

branding_iron Having said that, I can now tell you what is needed to create that brand:

  • Focus
    • Less is more
    • Segment your customers into small groups
  • Be specific
    • Let the world know what you stand for
    • Don't try to be everything to everybody
  • Make clear statements
    • Make sure your value proposition or tag line are clear
    • Speak the language of your customers
  • Look great
    • Make sure people (customers are after all people) adore you
    • Show off, show confidence until you get the respect
  • Evangelize
    • Be passionate
    • Tell everyone
  • Be visible
    • Attend shows, grab speaking opportunities, network, write, ...
    • Make use of all channels

I found the image at LatoshaTate.wordpress.com

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