Friday, December 19, 2008

Dell Adamo "World's Thinnest" Notebook?

Original post on Electronista

Further details have surfaced today of a major initiative by Dell to tackle the designer 13-inch notebook market, including more information regarding the Adamo notebook. A leak through Engadget now claims to have confirmed that the Adamo is an ultraportable and will be marketed as the "world's thinnest laptop" in a deliberate bid to chase after the MacBook Air's similar claim; the system will reportedly come in black and silver trim made to present an upscale look.

What hardware features would be available and at what price are unknown, though the system is thought to have been originally scheduled for December but pushed back to February or later for unspecified reasons.
Also revealed as part of the leak are further details of the Studio XPS 13, a similarly delayed but more conventional notebook. The system is a higher-end counterpart to the Inspiron 13 and will hinge on trim somewhat similar to the Adamo with the addition of leather. Closer shots than from a previous leak also reinforce design choices closer to Apple's standard MacBook and certain Sony VAIOs, including a new keyboard design and a display with a flush glass cover.
Earlier leaks have pointed to the system undercutting Apple's price by making the LED backlight optional but that options will exist which aren't available on its rival, including Blu-ray, a dedicated GPU, 3G/4G access and a fingerprint reader.

Studio XPS 13 (Adamo not yet leaked)