Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Europe Ditching Landlines For Mobile

Some 24 percent of EU households have canceled their landlines and are only using a mobile phone. The number is higher in the EU states that joined the bloc in 2004 (39%) than in the 15 "old" ones (20%), except for Finland (61%) and Portugal (48%). The survey  mobile-phone-jokehas also found that 22 percent of EU households use their computers to make phone calls over the Internet, with the tendency towards this trend highest in Latvia (58%), followed by Lithuania (51%), the Czech Republic (50%), Poland (49%) and Bulgaria (46%).

Not only households are ditching their landlines, also companies are making the move. The desk telephone is to be banished for thousands of Tesco staff in a £100 million tie-up with Cable & Wireless under which employees will use mobile phones for all calls. Under the five-year deal, staff in Tesco's 1,500 stores and distribution centers will be given Cable & Wireless SIM cards for mobile phones, allowing both fixed line and mobile calls to be carried through one handset.

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