Friday, August 22, 2008

6 Ways To Cut Your Commuting Costs - The Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs came up with 6 ways to cut your commuting costs. Here they are:

  1. Carpooling
    According to, an Edwardsville, Ill.-based website that helps organize rideshares, interest in carpooling has jumped higher in recent weeks than in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when disabled oil refineries sent gas prices soaring. Beyond savings, commuters say they're also concerned with reducing greenhouse gases.
  2. Bikesharing
    Taking a cue from Paris, Amsterdam, and other European cities, many U.S. employers are now launching bike-sharing programs of their own, allowing workers to sign out bikes for the ride to and from home. Cities are also getting in on the action. In May, Washington D.C. unveiled a city-wide version, with over 120 public bikes available to anyone with a special swipe card.
  3. Shorter workweeks
    A handful of U.S. companies are wiping Fridays off the schedule altogether by adding an hour or two to workdays during the rest of the week. Not only do workers save commuting costs, they're also showing up Monday mornings in a more productive mood, employers say. In Birmingham, Ala., city employees are now being instructed to work four days a week, in response to rising gas prices.
  4. Public transit discounts
    More local transit authorities are now offering discounts to workers who purchase bus, train, and subway passes through their employers or third-party vendors. For their part, employees benefit from pre-tax savings on the passes. That, and a morning commute that doesn't involve stop-and-go traffic.
  5. Telecommuting
    Thanks to the growth of the Web and network technology, nearly 30 million Americans now work remotely at least one day every month. A recent study estimates that 40 percent of all U.S. workers could do their jobs from home, saving up to 625 million barrels of oil annually.
  6. Walking
    Less than 6 percent of Americans currently walk to work. That might change soon. Recent surveys show job-seekers are now looking for work closer to home, with many drawing the line at just 10 miles. At the same time, employers say long commutes are turning away their best job candidates.

You can find the slide show here: Slide Show - 6 Ways to cut your commuting costs