Friday, October 19, 2007

Another try ...

I tried blogging a while ago, but for more than one reason stopped again soon after. When I started micro blogging on Twitter, I can kind felt the vibes again.

My passion is all about New/Social Media, Web 2.0 and Social Networking. I was convinced there was nothing I could add to guru's like CC Chapman, Mitch Joel and Joseph Jaffe.  One day, one of my contact on Linked In asked me a bunch of questions and if I had on Social Networking. The answer was of course negative, he told me I should rethink because I had been a great help... and here I am. I have decided to start blogging about Social Networking, New/Social Media and other stuff. I will see where this adventure will take me.

So, if you want to know more about me, you can find me on Linked In, Facebook, Marzar, Doostang, Xing, Viadeo, ZoomInfo, Spock, Jobster, GlobalUrbanites, StumbleUpon, Ziki, Neurona, Zubka and MySpace. And, as mentioned in my second sentence, you can follow me on Twitter.

Please feel free to connect to me on any of these networks or any other network. You can always drop me a mail at (please give me some time to respond as I might not always have access to my e-mail).

I will try to update this blog regularly, but I can't make too many promises ...